The Ship of the Unforgotten Cover WIP

As I've been posting The Ship of the Unforgotten  to Wattpad, I've come to realize I never created a cover for it way back when I originally wrote it. I'm correcting that oversight now. Here's a preview of the very early work-in-progress.


This time around I'm not using any externally sourced elements, this is all my own work from scratch.


Awesome Covers - Necronomicon iPad Mini Case


This awesome case is a book "cover" for the iPad Mini, based of course on the Necronomicon design from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series.

The case was designed by Freakshowclothing at Etsy, and kind of makes me wish I had an iPad Mini instead of a full-sized iPad 2.


Star Wars Alternate Book Cover

Star Wars has a rich history of immediately recognizable imagery associated with it. We're used to seeing it on posters, book covers, movies, merchandise of all kinds. Seeing something without it can be pretty jarring...


This is a 1977 edition of the Star Wars original novel by George Lucas, published by the Science Fiction Book Club.


Funny Book Covers

This one's so obvious I'd almost call it low-hanging fruit. 


Every writer I know is a master at avoiding work. So much so that we pretty much need lessons on how NOT to avoid work.

(image via B On the Ball)

Cool Book Covers

This is a cover I found while looking for more funny book covers, and I suppose it's kind of funny in a retro sort of 'Oh look, surf-riding! How silly!' kind of way, but mostly it's just interesting and cool. This is 'The Art of Surf-Riding on the Cornish Coast,' a British book from 1934.


(Image via CoolPlaces)