2011 Fiction Hiatus

I suppose 2 days isn’t much of a hiatus.

I’ll be blogging today and tomorrow (the 30th and 31st) instead of writing fiction, as I’ll be focusing pretty heavily on finishing my 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge. I’ve written before about the challenge in my post about self-imposed limits. It’s come down to the wire now and when I started today I had read 91 books with 9 remaining to read today and tomorrow. 

I now sit at 95 read, with 5 remaining, one of which I’m going to tackle before I get to bed. Naturally I’m having to read very short books, but even short books take time to read, so this is also a short post.

I’ve met every other challenge I’ve set for myself this year, from NaNoWriMo to writing on a consistent daily basis, so I’m not about to throw this one aside either. Wish me and my soon-to-be aching eyeballs luck!