Improbable Goings-On


HEY! Time for an update on what's going on around here.

I did some writing for GeekBeat in the last couple of days, and the new post is up. I take a look at CountMeIn's Facebook app. They're a company that makes it very easy to find a gift you'd like to give and let friends chip in on it so you don't have to pay for the whole thing. Looks interesting, though some might wish it weren't tied to Facebook.

I've been busy here on the site, too, of course. I'm continuing to post chapter updates to Fiction Fragments as I make progress on The Price of Entanglement. I have chapters 1-6 posted so far, and I'm working on getting 7-9 assembled and posted. I'll post a table of contents here when I've got it all up.

NaNoWriMo is coming up fast, and I'm working on my idea for this year's event. I seriously doubt I'll be close to finishing The Price of Entanglement before November, so that will probably end up going on break until December, or maybe I'll keep updating it during November as well, if I have time.

And finally, we're getting really close to the 1-year anniversary of the start of this crazy writing experiment I decided to do. I'm looking forward to that for sure! I have some ideas in mind for how to mark the occasion, so stay tuned!