A More Probable Journey


After my minor editing sweep through An Improbable Journey the other day, something nagged at my mind and wouldn't let go. Today it finally started bothering me enough that even though I am otherwise completely ready to release it to the Amazon store and put it up here as an eBook, I'm doing another editing pass through it, and this is actually a partial rewrite.

Here be minor spoilers.

It's not a bad story as it is, but I think it could be a lot better. As it stands, Corwin has a pretty easy time of it on the planet until the end. Things get really difficult for him then, but it's already the end! Where's the tension? Where's the conflict? There really isn't any. Sure, he has to deal with a completely inhospitable environment, but Aru shows up and makes that problem essentially go away without any real effort on Corwin's part. So I've got an idea or two I'm going to implement in the story, which hopefully won't take too long. Bear with me a bit longer!