The Editing Process, Part 2

My quest to maintain an entirely digital editing process has encountered a bump in the road, and I’ve resorted to printing out stories on dead trees to go over with one of those archaic writing implements people used to use decades ago. Pens, I think they’re called. Ah well.

On the plus side, the delay that this struggle caused me has left me almost completely cut off from The Price of Demand, the story I’m currently editing. It was the first Prices story I completed back in November, and this last month that I’ve spent in zombie land has been very kind to my ability to edit the proto-steampunk material I wrote before.

Reading The Price of Demand makes me realize just how many bad sections there are, but also how much there is that I still genuinely like about it. Over all I’m kind of encouraged. I’m not ready just yet to tear the whole thing up and throw it away! This is progress.

I still think most of the editing will be done digitally, but I bow before the ability of paper to make things look really different. I’m going to have to redouble my efforts to eliminate the paper from the process though, simply because I’ve been all digital so long now that I really am not equipped with enough free desk space to work with sheets of paper comfortably.

The next big challenge in editing awaits me, and that is making sure that I don’t spend far too much time in Minecraft and/or Star Wars: The Old Republic. They’re way too tempting. 

I figure once I’ve edited each story and gotten it into an ‘improved/revised’ state, I’ll post the eBook versions to the site for download too. I haven’t done that yet because I haven’t been completely happy with them so far. I am a bit of a perfectionist though so I’ll have to restrain that impulse and just treat those eBook versions as rough works too.