The Avengers Need No Avenging

Joss Whedon is one of those guys who just makes everything so easy. I got back earlier this evening from seeing The Avengers, and man is it good. It has all the classic Whedonesque elements of action and humor, characters and story that make me such a fan of Buffy and Angel and Firefly.

It’s making me think I should brush up on more of Whedon’s shows and maybe some comics too; I try to keep an eye on my own weaknesses, and one area I’m especially worried about in my work right now is pacing. Whedon is great at pacing.

I kind of want to write a review of this film, but to analyze the story properly would require a whole ton of spoilers. Instead I’ll just leave it at this, a brief discussion of the inspiration it has given me for my writing. Maybe I’ll review the story in a few weeks, when spoilers aren’t such an issue.