The Ship of the Unforgotten 25 & 26, New Menu

Two new chapters of The Ship of the Unforgotten are up tonight; links below. 25 is by far the shortest chapter I’ve written to date. 26 is of a more typical length. With 25 we return to Cobb’s part of the story, however briefly, and then 26 moves us back out to see how Dann and Rose are progressing.

The Ship of the Unforgotten, Chapter 25

The Ship of the Unforgotten, Chapter 26

In other news today I spent some time checking out Squarespace Version 6. It looks pretty promising and one day I might switch the sight over to that; right now I’m running Fiction Improbable on version 5. V6 has much better social integration, which I like a LOT, but it’s also highly template-based and you lose a lot of the ability to customize the templates that I love about V5. My ability to use 6 will probably depend on the availability of good templates, and right now the selection is thin, though the ones they have look fantastic.

Once I determined that I wouldn’t be making any sudden switches today, I did a bit more work on this version of the site. I’ve gone back and corrected tags and categories for all the posts in the Draft Stories section.

I’ve also converted the Draft Stories link into a menu. It’ll take you to one of two places for right now.

One is a page of links to all of the draft stories I’ve posted, which’ll make them MUCH easier to find. Sorry it’s been such a mess for so long!

The other is to the typical blog view of the draft stories, with one story per page, currently counting in at 14 total.

I do plan to come up with a similar solution for the Fiction Fragments section, but I now have the better part of a year’s worth of daily writing in there so fixing all of those tags and categories could be… fun. Wish me luck on that!