New Fiction Fragment Navigation


The project I’ve undertaken to rebuild the site’s navigation so that it’s easier to actually find the stories you want to read is well underway. 

It’s not even CLOSE to finished, though.

This is what I have right now for Fiction Fragments. It’s basically the same as I have for Draft Stories, except that each finished draft story is a single post. Fiction Fragments so far have a minimum of 2 posts per story, and many stories have a LOT more than that. That’s a problem.

Right now what happens when you click on those links is they’ll take you to a filtered display of posts matching the category you select. Each story has its own category for now, so finding an individual story is pretty simple. But you have to move backwards through the story to get to the first entry and read ahead from there, which isn’t really ideal.

Up until now I haven’t really cared too much, because I’ve been a lot more concerned with creating actual content for the site. It was pretty empty when I started this crazy venture, after all.

Now it’s getting to the point where I’ve got enough work up here that it should be easier than it is to find stuff, and I don’t want nightmares later when I have a whole lot more than I do now.

This system works really well in the Drafts since we’re looking at just the one post. For the fragments, I’m a little torn. Is it terrible trying to find an individual story among all the posts? Or does it matter so much given that I always collect them into finished drafts after I’m done anyway? Opinions and comments would be very welcome.