Welcome Again for the First Time!

Hello and welcome again! This is probably the first time most of you are seeing this version of the site.

If you ARE in fact seeing it, it means that all the DNS changes have taken place and you're visiting the brand new Squarespace version 6 version of Fiction Improbable. I'm still working the kinks out of it, but so far I'm pretty impressed with what I've played with.

Unfortunately, I also managed to hurt my back while getting the standing desk set up, so I don't have a lot in the way of writing, but I did get a start on chapter 33. I've included the link here, as usual.

If the link fails to work, it means there are some remaining DNS changes that may not have made their way to you yet. Please be patient if that's the case; it should work soon (within a day or so at most, I would hope.)

The Ship of the Unforgotten - Chapter 33