A Weird Night

A little while back I bought an advertisement on the Weird Things Podcast hosted by Andrew Mayne, Justin R. Young and Brian Brushwood. I've been listening to the show for some time now, it's fantastic if you're fascinated by the... er, well, the weird things in our world. The things that sound like fiction, but aren't.

Anyway, I expected a regular ad read; I supplied the copy, and generally they just read it and thank the sponsor and off they go. Tonight I listened to the episode in which my ad appeared, and I got more than I bargained for. They did the ad read perfectly (aside from a name issue, which they corrected on their own,) but then in a really nice twist, they got into a really good discussion about the state of indie ebook publishing today and how open the field is.

This was definitely more than I bargained for and more than I paid for, and I'm incredibly grateful to them for talking about my site so extensively in the episode. It happened because Andrew Mayne is also an indie author who has done incrediblywell for himself at it over the last year or so; he's published a good 5 or 6 books in the last year (yikes!) and one of them, Angel Killer, is currently the #15 book in all of the UK Amazon Kindle store.

Both Andrew and Brian have done a lot to inspire my choice to seriously write over the last year so it meant a lot to me to be the focus of a cool conversation like that. I don't want to oversell it--it's not like they devoted the episode to it or anything--but I strongly urge you to check both of them out over at Amazon, as well as on the Weird Things podcast itself.

Justin doesn't have an author page, but he and Brian released a best-selling comedy album, Night Attack, which you should definitely check out if you're into weird comedy. I don't know how else to describe it. Be warned that it does contain explicit content.

I know you're all at Dragon*Con having a blast, but thank you for making my night.

Also, Brian, we will have words over your outing me and my connection to the secret serpent clan of the McLeods, sir! ;)