Technology That Helps(?) Writers: Apple Maps

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

Way back in January I posted about Google Maps, the descriptive writer's secret weapon. I'd planned on doing a similar post after the launch of Apple's eagerly-awaited iOS 6 update and their new maps app with the fancy 3D flyover technology, but ... well, if you have been watching the news or trying to use the app yourself, you may already be aware that it's not exactly getting rave reviews.

Reports of the widespread inaccuracies and idiosyncrasies of the app are speading like wildfire. Now granted, Google Maps has been around for a LONG time, and this is Apple's first attempt at a map service, but we had Google Maps on all of our iOS devices up until now, and suddenly they're replaced by this ... rough replacement, to be generous. Apple Maps will undoubtedly be improved over time, assuming anyone continues to use it.

Google apparently has a new Google Maps app awaiting approval from Apple, but it's unknown at this time if Apple will approve it or not. They haven't been as quick lately to decline apps that duplicate essential iOS functionality, and Google has many fantastic apps for iOS, so maybe this is a temporary setback for users. In the meantime, you can still use Google Maps via Safari or 3rd party browsers like Google Chrome.

As far as us writers, well, I personally plan to stick to Google Maps for my writing inspiration. Streetview is a gift for visualizing settings I've never been to. But you never know. I might give it a shot, if I ever feel the sudden desperate need to write a new sequel to the Wrong Turn franchise.