Toronto Meetup at Gabby's with Shwood



Brian Brushwood is finally convinced that Canada exists; he took his first ever trip up here to perform at the Glenn Gould Variations event in Toronto, then afterwards held a meetup at Gabby's Bar & Grill. I took the trip into the city to meet him, after we've talked online for so long, and a good time was had by all.

It was a pretty decent sized crowd, with about a dozen of us in attendance. Sadly I wasn't able to get any of the other members of Livid Lobster North to come out, but it was awfully short notice, so it wasn't surprising. (Livid Lobster North is what the Canadian GeekBeat.TV bloggers call ourselves. Well, I call us that. They smile and nod and put up with me.)

Next year I have to get down to the states for reasons. Several of them include Nerdtacular 2013, Dragon*Con, seeing the TWiT Brickhouse in person, and last but far from least, actually meeting the Livid Lobster team I've been working with for all this time.

Also, chapter 7, part 4 of The Price of Entanglement is up!