An Exciting New Project

No story update tonight; I have an exciting new science fiction writing project I'm working on. I don't want to say too much about it just yet, because it's something I'll be submitting elsewhere, hopefully for publication. This means it will NOT be a piece of writing that will be posted here as I write it, or even after I write it, I'm afraid.

What I can say though is that going forward, I'm going to try not to use this project as a reason for not posting. I'll write it in "stealth mode," meaning if I spend a chunk of time working on it, I'll spend another chunk of time working on one of my existing works in progress as well, so that I still have something to share here.

This doesn't necessarily mean that nobody gets to read it though. I'd very much like to get feedback on it, once it's into a first-draft form that's readable. When that time comes, or likely just shortly before that time, I'll be looking for beta readers to critique and point out things that need to be fixed.