Catastrophic Computer Failure

Unfortunately, the title of this post is not in reference to a new sci-fi story I'm planning to write. At least not yet. I may have to do something with that in the future.

Nope, I woke up this morning and turned my computer on, as usual. Instead of the BIOS display I'm usually greeted with, though, I got 6 short beeps in succession and two absolutely blank screens. This was repeated a number of times, and my ipad was consulted for what the significance might be.

After much research and fiddling around inside the laptop, but mostly because of the research, my best guess is that the graphics card in the laptop is toast.

Sometimes I really, really hate computers.

I've got a semi-viable backup computer in the form of an old laptop, and several truly useful backups in the form of Dropbox and Carbonite. Thank you profusely to the fine folks at both of those companies. Since the issue is the graphics card (I think) and not the hard drive in the machine, I'm sure all my data is perfectly fine, but I can't access it.

I can keep on writing though, because I do keep all of my writing projects in folders that are regularly and redundantly backed up online to various places.

As soon as I have a regularly paying day job again, I'm getting TWO computers. Redundancy FTW.