ANOTHER Catastrophic Computer Failure, and CES

So this has been a fun week.

As you may recall, yesterday I suffered a catastrophic computer failure when my laptop decided to (I believe) lose its graphics card to some unknown hardware issue. I got myself set up with an older laptop as a backup, and all seemed pretty decent.

Until this morning.

THAT laptop ALSO died. ARGH!

So I had to go out and get a cheap NEW computer to replace those two, because I do need something to work with. Ugh. Not really what I needed right now, but at least I'm back up and running... again.

I ended up with an HP Pavilion p7-1418. It's a desktop, which makes it very cheap, which was very good for me, and since my original laptop was getting a bit older by now, it actually represents a little bit of an upgrade in some ways.

So a fiasco of a start to the week AND to the new year, but some good came of it. The job search is truly kicking into high gear now though. Unexpected expenses like that really hurt about now.

In other news, it's CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), and that means my duties for GeekBeat kick in. I am stepping into the shoes of Dave Peterson, our lead editor, while he's off at CES with Cali Lewis and John P, covering all the news that's fit to cover that they can fit into just a few days. I'll try to get some writing done this week, but it won't be tonight, that's for sure. Not after the last couple of days I've had.