Fiction Improbable Audiobooks Episode 1 - My Abstract Life

Okay, enough dithering around and procrastinating on the launch. Here's episode 1. I've gotten lots of feedback to make it better than it was when I started, and I hope to get a lot more now that so many more of you can hear it, but I'll have to apply those new lessons to future audio books.

This was both a terrifying and kind of awesome project to work on, and I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Speaking of future audio books, I'd love some feedback on what stories you'd like narrated next. Determination is a good candidate, being another short one, and I could always return to the Prices stories if you want to get into some steampunk. I could tackle some of the longer stuff like The Ship of the Unforgotten, but stories that long will have to be broken up across many episodes.

Take a listen; it's pretty quick, a little over 7 minutes long, and let me know what you think!

This SHOULD be going out onto iTunes as well, thanks to Squarespace, but being a total newbie to all of this, I have no idea how long that's going to take. As I did with the episode 0 preview, I'll be putting this up on YouTube too.