Thank You, Night Attack Show!

My friends over at the Night Attack Show gave Fiction Improbable a really fantastic shout-out on their second episode this past Tuesday night.

I knew it was coming; it was part of their Diamond Time ad segment, when they promote projects undertaken by their many fans. I didn't expect such glowing words of praise from both Brian and Justin though, so let me return the favor.

Night Attack is a brand new independent show, at the time of this writing having only two episodes produced to date. It is a direct continuation of a previous show though, the NSFW Show that Brian Brushwood and Justin R. Young produced on the TWiT network over a number of years. The new show ties in with a series of Billboard chart-topping comedy albums they made under the Night Attack name. Night Attack (both the show and the albums) is REALLY funny, but do be warned; there's a reason it was spawned from the ashes of a show named NSFW. The humor can be very unsafe for work. Do check them out, if that warning isn't enough to put you off! Episode 2 with my shout-out is below; you'll hear it right towards the end of the episode.