A New Process - Using Scapple and Scrivener

I posted earlier about the Scapple for Windows pubic beta, and wanted to use it so I can do a proper writeup on it. In order to do that though, I need a project. I've decided to use The Ship of the Unforgotten as my guinea pig. I've been working through editing that for some time, doing little touch edits for the Wattpad version I've been posting.

I figured that would make a pretty good project to play with in Scapple because it's the longest work I've written to date, and so it's been giving me some issues even with the advantage of using Scrivener. I've been longing for a way to separate out the sections of the story by storyline to get a real idea of how things flow and connect together, and to help me possibly add new sub-plots where necessary to flesh things out a bit or add to areas that are a little light right now.

Scrivener is a great organizational tool, but it doesn't have anything that REALLY fills that need. Scapple looks just about ideal for it. Thankfully, being products of the same developer, they seem to work pretty well together.

I was able to take the contents of my Scrivener binder for the book and just drag it whole into Scapple, and it took all of the "index card" data for every chapter and put it into Scapple as a note. 

Scapple for Windows Beta 1.png

Clearly my Scrivener file isn't set up ideally for this kind of import, so that's my next step; going through chapter by chapter and making sure the index card data for each is useful. Once that's done, I'll drag it all over again, and then I'll be able to work with each chapter as its own note, and rearrange it all, reconnect it all, and really visually see what's happening when with each character or group in the story.  

I figured I'd make this a bit of a behind-the-scenes series as I go, documenting the development of this new process, so stay tuned for more! 



Audiobook #2 Update

I did a re-recording of An Improbable Journey tonight, and I used a new microphone. This one's directional, and seems to do a much better job than the iPad mic I used on  My Abstract Life.

Take a listen and let me know what you think of the difference in the comments! I've got editing on the new episode started, and should have it done tomorrow. I've also continued editing The Fast and the Dead, though I have no ETA for it.

The Fast and the Dead Revisited

Today I've been spending my creative energy getting The Fast and the Dead edited up and properly ready for a genuine eBook release, and what's better, I think I'm really starting to get a feel for how Scrivener can make editing WAY easier. I'm going to get back to it, and hopefully have the results to prove it with soon!

The Price of Revisionist History

I've begun revising The Price of Entanglement, which is not proving to be easy going. When last I touched it, I was having some serious issues with the direction I'd been taking it in. These revisions I'm doing have resulted in backtracking several chapters. I've basically consigned everything from chapters 11-13 to the garbage bin, and I'm continuing on from chapter 10 forward. That was the last point at which I felt the story was pretty strongly on track.

A More Probable Journey


After my minor editing sweep through An Improbable Journey the other day, something nagged at my mind and wouldn't let go. Today it finally started bothering me enough that even though I am otherwise completely ready to release it to the Amazon store and put it up here as an eBook, I'm doing another editing pass through it, and this is actually a partial rewrite.

Here be minor spoilers.

It's not a bad story as it is, but I think it could be a lot better. As it stands, Corwin has a pretty easy time of it on the planet until the end. Things get really difficult for him then, but it's already the end! Where's the tension? Where's the conflict? There really isn't any. Sure, he has to deal with a completely inhospitable environment, but Aru shows up and makes that problem essentially go away without any real effort on Corwin's part. So I've got an idea or two I'm going to implement in the story, which hopefully won't take too long. Bear with me a bit longer!