Thank You, Night Attack Show!

My friends over at the Night Attack Show gave Fiction Improbable a really fantastic shout-out on their second episode this past Tuesday night.

I knew it was coming; it was part of their Diamond Time ad segment, when they promote projects undertaken by their many fans. I didn't expect such glowing words of praise from both Brian and Justin though, so let me return the favor.

Night Attack is a brand new independent show, at the time of this writing having only two episodes produced to date. It is a direct continuation of a previous show though, the NSFW Show that Brian Brushwood and Justin R. Young produced on the TWiT network over a number of years. The new show ties in with a series of Billboard chart-topping comedy albums they made under the Night Attack name. Night Attack (both the show and the albums) is REALLY funny, but do be warned; there's a reason it was spawned from the ashes of a show named NSFW. The humor can be very unsafe for work. Do check them out, if that warning isn't enough to put you off! Episode 2 with my shout-out is below; you'll hear it right towards the end of the episode.


Ad Eyes in Foil & Phaser's 'Divide and Conquer'

I'm pleased to report that a much-polished and improved version of my science fiction short story Ad Eyes is available now for free in Foil & Phaser's Divide and Conquer eBook anthology of science fiction and fantasy!

Ad Eyes is a disturbing story the war for advertising attention taken to scary new heights, as Terry finds himself fighting to take his eyes off of just about every ad he comes across in his daily life.

The anthology contains a number of other fantastic works of sci-fi and fantasy as well. It's the product of Foil & Phaser's NaNoWriMo collaborative workshop effort, and all of the collected stories are well worth your time and attention.

Divide and Conquer is available at Goodreads and at Smashwords.


My Abstract Life on Frogpants Studio's CurrentGeek

Well, it's official. I am one of those guys. You know those actors who say they can't watch themselves, or radio people who can't listen to themselves? I can't listen to myself. At least, not when I'm listening to myself on a giant huge amazingly popular podcast like Current Geek out of the Frogpants Network.

In case you're not aware, Current Geek is a new (sort of) show starring Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt talking all things techy and geeky with a couple of guests. They record it live every Friday and shortly after that it's available on itunes or wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. My science fiction short story My Abstract Life is featured at the very end of yesterday's episode, which is episode #2. (Yes, it really is a giant huge amazingly popular podcast despite having only two episodes so far. Frogpants is BIG, people.)

I have posted an audio book version of this story before, but the one on Current Geek is an all new recording I created thanks to a new and MUCH better microphone that I got over the holiday season. I'm pretty proud of how good it sounds, and I'm much more proud that Scott liked it enough to include it in his show.

A few weeks before they launched Current Geek, Scott and Tom got together on a Google Hangout to discuss ideas for the show, and this came out of that. They'd discussed the possibility of including other people's audio podcasts in the show as a way of getting more content for them and more exposure for the contributors. I don't know if they'll be interested in having more of my stuff go up there, but I'd be thrilled to record more; I plan to whether they want to use it or not. Maybe if they get enough good feedback, they'll be kind enough to give me another try!

Thank you Scott and Tom; even though I apparently can't stand to listen to myself on Current Geek, the rest of the show is amazing!

Scapple for Windows Beta Available

Literature & Latte, the makers of Scrivener, have announced as of just a few minutes ago that Scapple for Windows is available in beta form. 


Scapple is almost a mind-mapping application, but rather than forcing you into a radial spread out from a central node configuration, Scapple is freeform notetaking with connections you define. 

I'm downloading the beta as I write this, and will post again with my thoughts and impressions. 

You can get the details and the Scapple for Windows beta itself at L&L's site


The Secret Project is DONE

The Secret Project is finally DONE! It is written, it has been edited, it has been through the hands of my intrepid beta-readers and come through scathed, but better for it. And I've finally taken the step of shipping it off, carefully wrapped in only the finest email bits, to The Sword and Laser anthology caretakers.

Now then. Back to our regularly scheduled fiction writing, shall we?