A while back I joined Wattpad, a Canadian service for readers and writers alike. I did so with the intention of trying it out, but it took until now for me to give it a real shot. 
It's a service that delivers free writing to computers, tablets and phones via browser or app, and makes discovery pretty easy. It seems very clean and attractive, and pretty easy to use. 
Since last night I've been working to put a lot of my more finished writing up. Here are some links, if you want to check it out.

The Ship of the Unforgotten isn't up in its entirety. I'm posting it a chapter at a time, and will continue to post additional chapters as time allows.  I'll also be working on putting more stuff up there, including Journals of the Fall.



Writer's Realizations

WOW. So, it turns out that writing 7 days a week for a year and a half is possibly more than I can handle when it's something I'm forcing myself to do. 


It's a lot easier when I'm not forcing it, but when I turn it into a source of pressure? Nope, not good for me. 

Going forward, I'm going to dive back into writing regularly, but this time I'm not going to try to maintain a 7 days a week schedule. 

From now on, I take at least  one day a week off, likely on the weekend some time, and I will maintain the option of a second day as well. Probably also on the weekend.

I guess everyone needs to decompress a bit. 


The Joys of Live-Publishing

Oh the fun I have. The other night when I published the latest update to The Price of Entanglement, I described a minor character, Midori, as being Japanese.

This is the sort of thing that happens when I write really, really late at night (or in the morning, as the case may be,) and am very tired and not paying enough attention.

All of the Prices stories take place in a fictional world that bears some close resemblances to our own, but they're developmental and cultural similarities, not geographical or political similarities. There is no Japan in this world. Midori is supposed to evoke someone of Asian origin, but she can't actually be from Japan, unless I start going all alternate-dimensional. (I don't plan to do this. At least not with these stories.)

I noticed this while writing today's delayed update to the story. When I next collect chapters, the correction will have been made.

This is what makes writing in other worlds both fun and challenging. I have total freedom to create whatever I want, but then I become responsible for not only maintaining the consistency of the world, but also of ensuring I don't start accidentally blending worlds together, be it a fictional world with the real world, or two fictional worlds that aren't supposed to touch.

Onward with the story!

Editing The Ship of the Unremembered

Camp NaNoWriMo I think tomorrow will be the first posting of new material from the book. I’ve started recutting sections and arranging them to where they make the most sense from a narrative point of view.

Unlike just about everything I’ve written and posted here before, this book is long enough to have a few different viewpoints represented, so keeping the chronology straight is more of a challenge than I’ve faced before. It’s a fun one though, and I learned a lot about my personal writing process in doing this book. I’m definitely doing another book next month. And I’m definitely pre-planning it this time.

For the Win

Yes, my 50,000 words are complete and my first successful Camp NaNoWriMo is behind me. My next is coming up soon though, I think I’m going to be crazy enough to do August as well.

Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean the book is though. In the end, I had a LOT of writing to do really quickly. I wrote more than 11,000 words on the last day alone, and more than 6,000 the day before. In order to do all that writing that quickly, I worked on chunks of the book that I could spit out really fast, and wrote a lot of free-form brainstorms to keep the plot straight and make sure things made sense.

What I ended up with are lots of individual chapters that jump around crazily through time, which I need to put in their proper chronological order and then read over for flow and consistency, as well as write any gap-filler which may be needed (and it will be needed) to stitch the different pieces together as one.

Basically this means that for tonight, I’m a little bit brain dead and will not be posting a new chunk of the book. That can wait for tomorrow. For now, hooray! I’m done. Until August.