Merry Christmas to All, And to All a Free Story

Merry Christmas everyone! I've spent the day goofing off and recharging; it's funny how a solid year of writing can take something out of you, especially when you attempt 3 NaNoWriMos, complete two of them, read a ton of books and publish several stories. Whew.

But that doesn't let me off the hook with the writing, so I'm posting this seasons' greetings. I'm going to try to write a Christmas short story tomorrow for Christmas Day as well, so send me some Christmas wishes to help me through that, it may be difficult due to time constraints!

I seem to be developing a bit of a new holiday tradition of buying Christmas gifts in real physical stores, generally around 3 or 4pm on Christmas Eve. I could use some Christmas wishes to help break this terrible cycle next year. I got out alive this year, and the trip was a success, but who knows how much of that is luck?


Since it is Christmas, My Abstract Life is going on sale again, not for one day, but for three. You can grab it for free until the 27th. Just like last time, if you see a price other than $0, it's very possible that Amazon hasn't finished performing the price adjustment yet, so try again in a few hours. Just do your family a favour, go get the story after all of your festivities with family and friends are over! It'll still be there, I promise.

My best to you and all your loved ones this holiday season, no matter which holiday you celebrate, if any.