Writer's Distractions - Chris Hadfield & Barenaked Ladies

The distractions a writer encounters are endless, and often involve the latest memes to hit the Internet. Commander Chris Hadfield's fantastic cover of David Bowie's Major Tom is no exception, but you really don't need me to write about that; unless you live under a rock, or on another planet, you've already heard and/or seen it, I'm sure. No, this is a gem I discovered AFTER I watched the video on YouTube.

Space Jam: 'I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)'

This video is Commander Hadfield in a collaboration with the Barenaked Ladies performing a song that Hadfield and BNL's Ed Robertson co-wrote. That's cool enough on its own, but what really makes it awesome is that they performed it while Barenaked Ladies were on Earth and Hadfield was up on the ISS! I am dying to know how they overcame the transmission lag.

Of course, just in case you actually did somehow miss Major Tom, here's the video that's been causing such a commotion: