Ad Eyes in Foil & Phaser's 'Divide and Conquer'

I'm pleased to report that a much-polished and improved version of my science fiction short story Ad Eyes is available now for free in Foil & Phaser's Divide and Conquer eBook anthology of science fiction and fantasy!

Ad Eyes is a disturbing story the war for advertising attention taken to scary new heights, as Terry finds himself fighting to take his eyes off of just about every ad he comes across in his daily life.

The anthology contains a number of other fantastic works of sci-fi and fantasy as well. It's the product of Foil & Phaser's NaNoWriMo collaborative workshop effort, and all of the collected stories are well worth your time and attention.

Divide and Conquer is available at Goodreads and at Smashwords.


Congratulations to NaNoWriMo 2013 Winners


To all who wrote, congratulations! I did take part, but did not finish this year. I focused my efforts on a side-project spearheaded by Foil & Phaser, the fan-run writing counterpart to the Sword & Laser podcast.

We did a "Divide and Conquer" challenge where participants wrote a short story of approximately 1,500 words, and we're now in the process of reading over each others' work and basically workshopping it. The results will hopefully be available for you soon as an ebook. (I should mention that when I say "soon," I mean early next year

The Secret Project is DONE

The Secret Project is finally DONE! It is written, it has been edited, it has been through the hands of my intrepid beta-readers and come through scathed, but better for it. And I've finally taken the step of shipping it off, carefully wrapped in only the finest email bits, to The Sword and Laser anthology caretakers.

Now then. Back to our regularly scheduled fiction writing, shall we?

Secret Projects

Last night I finally finished the first draft of my secret project, also known as my first Sword & Laser anthology story, also known as my not-really-so-secret project. Whew. Gotta get it to some beta readers, and make any necessary revisions before I send it off to Tom and Veronica. What a fun project! Sorry it has had such an impact on my ability to keep posting other stuff, but this is something I've simply had to do.

Sword & Laser Episode 1 is Live

The episode is live, I am indeed in the submitted videos, and now my stomach can stop churning so much. It’s a fantastic show, loving the video version. Tom and Veronica interview Scott Sigler, Phil Plait sends in a video question for Scott, then after the interview segment, they kick off the new fantasy book for the club, Lev Grossman’s The Magicians.

It turns out they did have an audio version of the interview with Robert J. Sawyer, so I feel a little silly having asked that, but it is true he has a new book out, so if they can get him on the show that’d be awesome.

And finally, it’s true, Veronica does have the same shirt. She scooped me on the final episode of Game On!