Ad Eyes in Foil & Phaser's 'Divide and Conquer'

I'm pleased to report that a much-polished and improved version of my science fiction short story Ad Eyes is available now for free in Foil & Phaser's Divide and Conquer eBook anthology of science fiction and fantasy!

Ad Eyes is a disturbing story the war for advertising attention taken to scary new heights, as Terry finds himself fighting to take his eyes off of just about every ad he comes across in his daily life.

The anthology contains a number of other fantastic works of sci-fi and fantasy as well. It's the product of Foil & Phaser's NaNoWriMo collaborative workshop effort, and all of the collected stories are well worth your time and attention.

Divide and Conquer is available at Goodreads and at Smashwords.


My Abstract Life Free eBooks Available

Sorry this took so long, everyone! Now that My Abstract Life is both out of the KDP Select program and through my extended I'm-still-learning audiobook recording phase, I've got the new version ready as an ePub and as a .mobi file for Kindle enthusiasts. You can download it free now right here, and I'll have it up on Smashwords and Goodreads soon too.

    An Improbable Journey Free eBooks Have Arrived


    Sorry for the delay on this! I've uploaded the free eBook versions of An Improbable Journey; they're now available on the An Improbable Journey book page.

    I've also gone into the pages for both Determination and An Improbable Journey and added individual Amazon Kindle store links for every country which has one, so if you don't usually shop at the American, you'll have an easier time of it. I will be doing the same thing shortly for My Abstract Life, so stay tuned.

    An Improbable Journey is Available on Amazon Kindle


    My third title is available on Amazon's Kindle store. And now that also includes's brand new Kindle store, exciting for me as a Canadian!

    I have not enrolled this book in the Amazon KDP Select program, so I will be making it available as free eBooks here on the site very shortly; my current plan is to get those ready for tomorrow. I expect I'll also put it up on GoodReads and at Smashwords as well.

    As usual, An Improbable Journey is $0.99.

    "Marooned on an uninhabited junk yard world that lacks the basic necessities of life, Corwin Koell finds what he needs with the help of a tiny robot, but escape will only come at a cost."

    My Abstract Life Coming to Amazon


    I've pulled the trigger on getting My Abstract Life into the Amazon Kindle store. Hopefully within 12 hours or so it'll be available. I'll post the links and whatnot when I've got them!