NaNoWriMo 2011 Story 4 - Day 20


— NOTE: Welcome to the joys of live writing! No organization of ostensibly smart people like scientists would be moronic enough to blow up a school and do everything possible to make sure the finger is pointed squarely at themselves. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen, hmm? Instead, let’s pretend only a single pin was found shining in that over-bright sunlight and the why of it is still a mystery. I’ll be rewriting that once NaNoWriMo is over. I blame writing at 3am. This is why I ask for and encourage feedback and criticism. — Gord

He was right, Archerd knew. They’d been waiting for something to happen ever since he returned from the train incident.
“I’m just thankful they chose today of all days. If this had happened yesterday, or tomorrow …” Altman shuddered visibly. “But now the question is what do we do about it?”
“We contact the guard, and get an Inspector involved.”
“I absolutely agree on the second point,” said a new voice. A short, broad-shouldered man with a close-cropped beard, bowler hat and smart gray suit stopped just short of the group. “But as for the first, won’t be necessary. The guards are on their way. Mr. & Mrs. Dolet, it’s good to see you again. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your son and daughter yet.”
“Ross! I should have expected you. Annis, Archerd, this is Inspector Rosston Hew with the police department. Ross, this is my daughter Annis, and my son Archerd.”
“A pleasure,” he said, nodding pleasantly to the two younger Dolets. “I just wish we were meeting under better circumstances — though it could’ve been much worse, eh? Let’s see what we’ve got here.”
“I found this, Inspector. It was right here at my feet.” Archerd handed over the small twisted disk of metal.
“Did you now …” The inspector’s voice trailed off as he examined it. “Conclave insignia, badly warped, some scorching, no sign of melting … I’ll have to give this a closer look back at headquarters, but at a guess I’d say this is going to make finding our perpetrator difficult. There’s a chain loop up top but no chain, and I do believe that’s because whoever wore this was wearing it a bit too close to the explosion when it happened.” He stared at the disk thoughtfully. “Could be wrong. I’ll need a look at the site, see what more I can learn there. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll hang on to this and check back with you later.”
“Is there anything we can do to help?” Annis looked like she had half a mind to go with him to the school.
“You can help by staying out of the site, Ms. Dolet. But … your family is pretty well respected around here, and you’re all pretty well-liked. If you were to assist in talking to people, finding out if anyone saw anything, that’d be a big help too.”
Hew nodded again then turned on his heel, briskly walking to the site, side-stepping still smoldering wreckage until he was lost behind a slow rising column of smoke.
“I did see another instructor from the school at the cafe down the block, I’ll start there.” Ann strode off with a fair approximation of Hew’s determination.
“There has to be more we can do than just talk to people.” Archerd was restless and a little put out. He’d been hearing stories from his father for years about situations he’d had to resolve and problems he’d had to investigate before Dolesham was big enough to warrant a real police department.
He’d always imagined jumping into the fray once more if and when the Conclave made their move against Dolesham, but Dolesham wasn’t a flea-speck encampment anymore. They did have quick access to the proper authorities, and it was, he reluctantly acknowledged to himself, most likely that he’d only get in the way. Still, it didn’t feel right that he’d trained for so many months only to find there was still nothing he could do.

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