The Price of Independence - Day 20


It turned out Kaylene wasn’t so very far away, and Dem’s raised voice had carried quiet well. “Y’know he’s going to use you to get t’what he wants here.”

“Dem? I’ve known him for years, he wouldn’t do that.” Altman shook his head dismissively.

“Just how sure are you of that? Money and power can do strange things to people. My family didn’t always live out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen the things wealth’ll do to a person.”

“But Deman? He could never turn on me like that.”

“You said yourself, you’ve known him for years. I don’ mean to step in between the two of you. I just don’t trust him. Gives me a bit of a creepy kind of feelin’. No offense intended.”

Altman frowned, but nodded. “You don’t know him like I do, so I can’t expect you to understand. He’ll come around.”

She nodded, but her face spoke volumes. He wasn’t sure why he felt such a need to convince her. It’s the eyes, he thought. There was something in her gaze that saw right through you. Maybe she’s seem right through Deman too.

And maybe that’s what I’m really afraid of, he didn’t quite admit to himself.