The Fast and the Dead - Day 11

They lucked out about as much as you can when every street around you is flooded with an ever-increasing number of hungry zombies. The roofs were linked and the block was fairly large, with only some narrow alleys between a few of the buildings. They were able to remain safely out of reach while scouting the area and had made it just over halfway around the block when Claire’s eyes widened in recognition.

“What is it?” Ben asked.

“Bikes. I saw that shop across the street a few weeks ago, I recognize the sign. A … ‘contestant’ like us was trying to get into this building we’re standing on.”

“What good are bikes going to do us? The streets are thick with the dead, if we try to ride through them we’re toast, no matter how fast we’re going.”

“Not if they have some of the latest enclosed models.”

Enclosed motorcycles had been one of the last innovations in bike technology before the fall. They were self-balancing, fully enclosed and almost like 2-wheeled car in most respects.

Ben frowned, but more out of thoughtfulness than disapproval. “There’s no guarantee there will be any in there.”

“No, but I’m fresh out of other ideas. Besides, even if there aren’t, all the commotion is on the other side of the block. The crowd isn’t as heavy here.”

Ben was about to object on the basis of gaining access to the building when he stopped, the objection cut short by the sight of a door leading inward. “At least getting back indoors will be easier than it was to get out.” He nodded toward the door; Claire visibly brightened with the relief that brought her.

He checked the door; unlocked. “Let’s find our way down quick. I’d like to get out again as quick as possible.”

“No argument here.”

They moved quietly down the stairs to the interior of the building, tense and alert. Ben wished they knew if the building had been closed off or not. If it had, there was little chance they’d be bothered by the things in the street, but there could be some risen inside and trapped. He’d seen that played out just enough times on the shows over the years to make him jumpy.