The Diffident Hero - NaNoWriMo 2012 - Chapter 4, pt. 1

The next day he awoke refreshed and confident that his popularity would be on the wane. He breakfasted and dressed for work, exited the apartment, headed down the street, and tackled a passing bike messenger off his bike and out of the path of an onrushing speeding bus with only a fraction of a second to spare.

It was over before he even quite knew what was going on. It had happened so fast he couldn’t even remember clearly whether he’d felt the characteristic flash of power through his body.

While he stood, shocked, thinking about these issues, a small crowd of equally shocked onlookers were snapping photos and murmuring amongst themselves as they identified the messenger’s rescuer as the hero of the other day.

The messenger, a scruffy young man who looked far more shocked and shaken than Brandon himself, shook his hand with sincere gratitude. “Don’t mention it,” Brandon said, while around them people snapped photos and uploaded video clips of the moment.