Homecoming - Day 5

He took his eyes off the tablet and focused on sprinting through the ship, charging through the hatch into the forward storage compartment less than a minute later. Inside were various bits and pieces stacked neatly by Aru’s various repair chassis. He grabbed an air cannister and looked around for a mask.

“Aru? I’m not finding a mask.”

“I’m afraid there aren’t any on board.”

He sputtered a bit and swallowed, throat suddenly a bit dry. “None?”

“Confirmed: None.”

Straight from the hose then. He glanced at the time; 18 minutes, at best. Food and water, then. He had no idea how long he might have to spend in there.

“Remind me to refit this bucket of bolts with an escape pod, Aru,” he said. It would take up to two, but unfortunately they were missing. He backtracked to the ship’s galley and grabbed a deep pan, tossing the air cannister into it. He set the tablet on a counter and began grabbing every container he could lay hands on that would seal and started filling them with water, or with food grabbed from the ship’s stores.