The Fast and the Dead - Day 33

“Could it be activity from the city this far out? We did walk most of the distance. If they’re using cars …”

“Could be,” Ben conceded. “I’m no expert on all the comings and goings there. I was in maintenance, mostly internal stuff, in the living quarters. The towers, mostly. Didn’t get out beyond the safe zones too often. Not ‘till now anyway.”

Claire nodded. “Me neither. I’m an … was an Aggi.” Agriculturalists, or Aggies, spent a lot of time tending the rooftop gardens that fed the population of the city. “Mostly fertilizer mixing/application, and harvesting.”

He nodded. She’d have gotten out into the overrun areas even less often than he had, and he’d never been more than maybe 20 meters from a safe zone until yesterday.

“We should keep moving,” he finally admitted, regretting the words as soon as he got under way.

The block they were traversing was long, but eventually they came to another street to cross. They anxiously examined the route.