The Price of Demand (Dialogue Edit 6)

(Altman Dolet) “That ought to about do it.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “What are you up to? What happened t’ your hands? Is that blood?”

(Altman Dolet) “Iron oxide, love. Simple rust to catch our troublemaker, if all goes well.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “Whatever you think it’s for, you’d best be washin’ it off before you touch any of my good linens or it’ll be me droppin’ stones on someone’s head, and you won’t like it one bit. And you’ve got some on your trousers, it’ll be murder to get out!”

(Altman Dolet) “I’m afraid so, but that’s exactly why I needed it. I can attend to the cleaning later. I have some ideas on how the iron’s magnetic properties may allow it to be removed more easily. For now, let me just go get cleaned up. I’ll be retiring early tonight to track down whoever’s behind the assaults tomorrow.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “Solves crimes and cleans his own clothes … no wonder I agreed to stay here with you.”