The Price of Demand (Dialogue Edit 10)

(Altman Dolet) “You don’t have to strain your—”

(Kaylene Dolet) “Shut your mouth right there, husband. You aren’t as strong as you let on, an’ you’re dizzy on your feet. You need me when you catch this man, ‘specially if it comes to fightin’. Just be ready to give me my staff if it comes to that.”

(Altman Dolet) “But—”

(Kaylene Dolet) “No buts! Whoever’s up to this is hurtin’ people, has hurt you, and is threatening the future of this place. Our lives’re tied up too tight with the future of this village. I know you won’t rest while our future’s at risk; why should I?”

(Altman Dolet) “You’d think I’d know better than to argue—wait, there, that’s him. See the rust on the boots, the trouser legs, the sleeves of the shirt?”