The Price of Demand (Dialogue Edit 11)

(Altman Dolet) “Stop!”

(Kaylene Dolet) “Get him!”

(Altman Dolet) “We’ve got you! What are you playing at, causing all these accidents?”

(Culprit) “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

(Kaylene Dolet) “You’re a filthy liar!”

(Culprit) “That’s ridi—”

(Altman Dolet) “You’ve got the evidence all over you. I spread red iron oxide over all the roofs in this town; there’s nowhere else you’d have gotten covered in it.”

(Culprit) “Look, I swear I didn’ come here jus’ to cause trouble, I was put up to it! E’s the one you want.”

(Altman Dolet) “And who is he?”

(Culprit) “Some Mitchell bloke back in ‘ol Holdswaine, a high-up rich type with plenty ‘o influence. ‘Ad his thugs visit me after I ‘ad some … troubles … payin’ a debt. Them’s the ones set me up with this job an gave me the … er … extra instructions.”

(Altman Dolet) “That’s a tough position you found yourself in.”

(Culprit) “You’re tellin’ me! I carried th’ bruises for days after that, an’ I didn’t even give ‘em any trouble. Them’s bad sorts.”

(Altman Dolet) “Did you leave family behind in Holdswaine? Friends?”

(Culprit) “Nah, just me mates at the waterin’ ‘ole, but thems that ain’t ‘ere won’t care. Uh, what’re you plannin’ on doin with me?”

(Kaylene Dolet) “They’ll kill ‘im, or make ‘im wish they had if we send ‘im back.”

(Altman Dolet) “I don’t doubt it.”

(Culprit) “You can’t send me back there! It’s like she said, I’m as good as dead if I show my face in Holdswaine!”

(Altman Dolet) “No, you can’t go back to Holdswaine. But we can’t keep you here, either. Mitchell has too much influence over the union men. Sias would never stand for anything happening on his watch, but that’d be cold comfort to you if you’re already dead.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “One of the northern cities?”

(Altman Dolet) “The bigger the better, I think. Big enough to have its own unions, where Mitchell has no power.”

(Culprit) “You’ll let me go? Oh thank you sir! I won’t forget this, see if I don’t!”