The Price of Demand (Dialogue Edit 2)

(Altman Dolet) “I wish we had a proper inspector here to investigate the scene of the accident.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “There’s lots of things it’d be nice t’have, but for now we just ‘ave to make do.”

(Altman Dolet) “I suppose you’re right. There’s only so much a student of geoscience can do though. I … Interesting.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “What’s interesting?”

(Altman Dolet) “These stone bricks. They bear the characteristic marks of stone cutting, just as one would expect, as well as the signs of the fall off the tower, but … Several here bear scratching, and look here at the pitting that this one displays.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “You doubt yourself too easily, husband. When there’s trouble with a stone, a master of geoscience is exactly what you need.”

(Altman Dolet) “You’re too kind, my love. I’ll be forever a student, there’s more to learn than I’ll ever master. But as for trouble with stone, I think these were pushed; their fall was no accident.”

(Kaylene Dolet) “Could Claver have brought them down with ‘im when ‘e fell?”

(Altman Dolet) “No, I was here at the time, and saw him fall. He didn’t bring them down upon himself. Of that I’m certain.”