The Price of Entanglement, Chapter 2, pt. 5


The locker room was empty when Jo returned, thoroughly wiped out and far more centered after her workout. She stretched several times and took a few deep breaths in front of her locker, then brought her phone out of her pocket. "Let's see if everything's as it should be," she muttered under her breath. It was habit mostly, years of shared change room experience mixed with professionalism since her locker still held the package intended for Sal, but she had to make sure nothing had been tampered with.

She brought the phone up to the locker door and triggered a command that caused it to emit a high-frequency note beyond the range of natural human hearing. Anyone in the building with augmented hearing might be irritated with her, she supposed. Almost instantaneously after the sound was produced, the interior of the locker was mapped and projected next to the mapping she'd created before heading out for her climb.

She frowned. The two were supposed to be a perfect match. Her hair brush was out of place.

She looked around the room, but it had been empty when she'd arrived, and nobody had arrived since. She'd been too preoccupied while climbing to notice who had come and gone from the room since she'd left it.

The before imaging showed the brush against the back wall of the locker, just on top of the package. The sonar-like image was clear as day; the brush had shifted by several millimeters in the imaging she'd just performed.