The Price of Entanglement - Chapter 5, pt. 6

She stared at the image for a few seconds, startled. A few other items had moved just the smallest bit, too. A thumping sound caught her attention and she stared at the locker. The sound was very faint, but clear, and it repeated a few times. She thought back to the layout of the locker room and the gym outside; might be people rappelling on the wall, she supposed.

She opened her locker and to the naked eye, nothing had changed. She changed and gathered her stuff, then made her way out. She couldn’t resist casting a look back at the wall separating the change room from the gym; it was concrete. Her lip twisted down as she thought. Had to be the vibration, she told herself.

The exit was two sets of glass doors out to the street; the rain still fell, though it was a shadow of the downpour she’d been through earlier. She flipped away from the imaging app and summoned a cab. As she waited, she looked back in at those still working out, though nobody stood out as significant. “Ahh, you’re going crazy,” she told herself. “It was just a fluke.”

That thought firmly in mind, she hopped in the cab as soon as it arrived. This time she was sharing it; the other person rode in the back for the first ten minutes of the shared journey, then the cab let him out at a small market on a non-descript intersection. She rode the rest of the way alone, the rain beating lightly on the hood and windshield, the sound nearly lulling her to sleep. She snapped out of it as Sal’s house came into view.

Her visit this time was very brief; she just dropped off the delivery, though she hesitated, on the verge of asking what it was all about. She held back though. No sense getting her worked up over nothing, she figured. She got back into the waiting cab, bag a little lighter, bank account a little fuller, though not nearly full enough, and spent the trip home thinking about who else might need something from her.