The Price of Entanglement - Chapter 4, pt. 3

“It’s not the mail room, I take it?” She tried to hide her surprise, probably not well enough. He smiled.

“Actually it is, more or less. ‘Mail room’ is such an antiquated term, don’t you think? Yes, we still do move physical pieces of mail around, though we don’t do that much of it. We use the term loosely here.”

“Okay, I’ll bite—how do you use it?”

“It serves a variety of purposes, from pickups and deliveries, as you’d expect, up to serving as a sort of in-house investigation branch.”

“Like spies?” Her eyebrows rose sharply, but she smiled.

“Nothing so dramatic, I’m afraid,” he grinned. “We deal mostly in property holdings, so our investigations are usually site inspections and trips to the public archives to fact-check and dig into details. We go out, we get information, we deliver it back to home base.”

She nodded. Made sense, sort of. “Okay. Doesn’t sound like something you need to be seriously athletic for, though.”

“True, for the most part. Most of our staff are average in that respect. It can come in handy for the on-site inspections of older buildings though, and we do have some projects coming up that would benefit from a representative who knows the ropes, so to speak.”

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