The Diffident Hero - Chapter 13, pt. 2

They wasted as little time as possible getting themselves back on track; they weren’t far behind the Necromancer, and didn’t want to sacrifice that advantage. “He’s going to need time to operate. One thing in our favor is that he lost his zombie minions back there,” Sorcha said as they tried to make up lost ground, “and he’ll have to replace them soon.”

It quickly became apparent that he was making a bee-line for the city they’d been headed towards before, but he was making no effort to reach the road. They were in fact getting further away from it.

Rich chimed in a few minutes later. “We can make up a bit of distance on him. If he keeps going straight as he is right now, he’ll come to an impassable area where a sharp ravine opens up. He’ll have to skirt around it. If we angle off just a little, we won’t have to do that, we’ll arrive just where the way is clear.”

“Wouldn’t we risk losing his trail?” Brandon wondered aloud.

“Yes, but it’s not much of a risk in this case. It’ll be his only way on towards his goal. We’ll pick the trail up again when we pass the ravine. If we can’t find it, he’s behind us; we just wait for him to come to us.”