The Diffident Hero - Chapter 13, pt. 4

What kind of well-respected wizard would want to study necromancy, and why cause all of this trouble? Brandon tried to keep focused on keeping up, but the questions gnawed at him.

“He stopped here,” Rich said abruptly. He was kneeling in the grass. “Stayed a good fifteen to twenty minutes I’d say, then moved on that way.”

“He knows how far ahead he’s gotten,” Sorcha said, flatly.

“Or he doesn’t care, yeah.”

The spot was a good one for observing the city. It was close enough to see the lay of the land; even as inexperienced as he was with this part of the world, Brandon could make some general observations of the city. It was large, at least by the standards he’d come to recognize since Sorcha brought him away from the familiar world. There was an obvious area of wealth and influence, while most of the city seemed pretty poor.

And most notable, there was a clear line of sight to the graveyard.