The Diffident Hero - Chapter 13, pt. 5

“We have to get down there,” Rich exclaimed. “He’s gotten too far ahead of us.”

“We can’t just charge in blindly! That’s what Myra tried, and things haven’t gone so well for her,” broke in Lena.

“We don’t even know what’s happened to her!”

“We need a plan if want to do any good against this guy.”

“Hang on, both of you,” Brandon said. “Lena’s right, we do need to have a plan. But Rich is also right. We can’t spend too much time on it. It sounds like if this guy was well-respected enough to be studying necromancy and has gone rogue, he’s really serious trouble. He’s already shown what he’s willing to do, and that was just in a small village. Sorcha?”

She’d been staring intently at the city and their route down to it. She turned her attention back to them at Brandon’s call. “I’d advise you all to take Brandon’s lead on this,” she said. “I’m afraid that this is where we part company.”

Brandon’s mouth dropped open. She smiled at him, with just a touch of regret in her eyes.

“You’re just leaving us?” He was a little stunned, especially after Lena’s own tale.

“I’ll be back as quick as I can, but we have two highly dangerous people on the loose, and as dangerous as this Necromancer is, Myra is much worse. We can’t wait to deal with either of them, and none of you are up to taking on Myra yet.”