The Diffident Hero, Chapter 13, pt. 6

Plans were quickly hashed out. Sorcha wasted little time, putting Brandon in charge of the Necromancer team, as she called them. Rich accepted the leader assignment without hesitation, almost as if it was a given. Brandon found himself surprised, and if he were honest, a bit apprehensive.

He set that part of his mind aside and concentrated on what needed to be done. They couldn’t hope to take on a powerful necromancer head-on; they’d have to catch him off guard. How do you catch a wizard off guard? he asked himself. Very carefully.

“He just died and came back, that has to tire you out, right?” He couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“I’ve never done it before, so I wouldn’t know,” Sorcha said, “but magic in general is exhausting, and that was some very high-order magic. That’ll be key to dealing with him,” she added with a note of approval in her voice, “so, good observation. He’s going to be off his game, in need of some serious rest. He’s not going to be back to just pick back up where he left off.”