The Diffident Hero - Chapter 13, pt. 7

“Alright, it’s settled then,” Brandon said. A sense of calm settled over him at the words. “Rich, you’ll track him and lead us to where he’s holed up and resting. What do we do with him once we have him?”

“Don’t try to kill him,” Sorcha said, which eliminated a faint anxiety he hadn’t been aware he’d felt. “It might not work. It certainly didn’t when Myra attempted it, and we don’t know what other tricks he has up his sleeve.”

“And just because he’s exhausted doesn’t mean he hasn’t set up contingency spells like that resurrection trap.”

He must have paled a bit because Sorcha smiled reassuringly. “I wouldn’t send you on this task if I didn’t think the three of you could handle it. He’s powerful and extremely dangerous, but nobody is infallible. With Rich along, you’ll be fine.”

“Then why not put Rich in charge?”

“Me? Oh no, not on your life. I make a terrible leader, believe me,” Rich protested. “I’m far too headstrong.”

Sorcha broke out in a grin. “Yes, you sure are! Maybe you’ll learn something from Brandon here while he’s learning from you.”