The Diffident Hero - Chapter 14, pt. 3

Rich doggedly resumed his search of the ground for tracks. “Are you going to keep at that all night?” Lena asked, a hint of impatience tinging her words.

“We need to know where he went,” Rich said, in the absent tone of preoccupation.

“We’re never going to catch him if we don’t keep moving!”

“We’ll never catch him if we rush off the wrong way, too,” he said, clearly annoyed.

Brandon broke in. “We do have to know where he’s going, but if we keep moving, you can search on the way. If you don’t see any sign, we can try one of the other paths.” He started down the branch that lead to the part of the city they’d seen the graveyard in; it seemed the most logical route. The other two followed behind him without comment. Rich moved quickly to the front so he could see any trace before the others disturbed it.