The Diffident Hero - Chapter 14, pt. 5

It's been too long since I worked on this, I've been buried in other projects, including the audiobook. Had to put something together to actually post here, if only to let you all know that no, I haven't given up!

Minutes passed them by one after another, and Brandon lost count of them before he realized it had been a great many of them since the last time that Rich had found any sign. “Rich, could he have … turned?”

“Turned?” The other man’s voice was distracted, but carried a hint of temporary defeat that confirmed his suspicions. The necromancer was gone, blended into the city now, inseparable from it.

“You know, turned a corner, traveled to another part of the world?”

His brow furrowed in thought. “Possible, of course, but with a tempting and ready source of … materials, I don’t see why he’d go to the trouble. He sure didn’t make much of an effort to throw us off his trail, just came straight here.”