Bringer of the Fall, pt. 4

The next day, Ralph spent his after-lecture time pulling at that mental thread. He took his research well beyond the outlines the professor had laid out for him, digging deeply into the events leading up to the fall of all of the most notable historical civilizations. He came up empty on most of them, but on some few, he came upon references that he was certain must be a connection. They MUST!

His deadline for posting was coming up fast, and he gnashed his teeth in frustration. “Just have to keep looking for more after, I guess,” though he hated to put anything online before he’d done a thorough job. This was the sort of topic that he could spend his whole life researching though.

To suggest that a single drink was implicated in the fall of even one entire civilization was a remarkable claim. To suggest that it might be involved in the downfall of several? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but he couldn’t let this go.

He spent hours putting together his findings into as clean and clear a summary as he could, and documented his every source. Eyes red and burning from the long hours of research and preparation, he hit the Submit button with relief. With the professor’s task set aside, he could focus on expanding the work himself. After he got some sleep.