Journals of the Fall, pt. 7

Record #147-56-91

Internal Security Log

51st Day After the Fall

Journals of the Fall.png

6:00am Reporting Unit: Pvt. Hicks

All stations reporting all clear.

7:00am Reporting Unit: Pvt. Hicks

Most units reporting all clear. Activity reported by Dawson on the west side. Confirmed remotely. Looks isolated. Walkers moved off after about twenty minutes.

8:00am Reporting Unit: Sgt. Maxwell

Everything’s A-Ok.

9:00am Reporting Unit: Sgt. Maxwell

Everything’s sealed up tight. Hicks said he heard something out in the yard, but my patrols couldn’t find anything. False alarm.

9:32am Supplemental Reporting Unit: Sgt. Maxwell

Hicks has complained of hearing things. Won’t shut up about it. Would have dismissed him and recommended a session with a head doc, but one of my patrols heard something too. They couldn’t find anything though. I’m telling all security personnel to be extra alert today.

10:00am Reporting Unit: Sgt. Roberts

Maxwell & Hicks have half the base scared stiff. I haven’t seen or heard a shred of proof of any activity inside the perimeter, and even outside it’s been quiet. If those two don’t shut up, they’re going to start a panic that could get more people killed than half a dozen of the Dead inside the gates.

11:00am Reporting Unit: Sgt. Roberts

11 of 12 stations reporting all clear. Remaining station failing to respond. That station has had radio problems in the past. I expect it’s just more mechanical trouble.

11:40am Reporting Unit: Cpl. Edwards

Sgt. Roberts left his post to investigate station 9 about twenty minutes ago. No word from him yet. People in comms are getting scared.