Reactions: Spore Galactic Adventures

I was one of the most excited people about the release of Spore when the time came for the game to be released, and among my circle, I probably played it the most, but eventually I succumbed to the lack of depth in the game play like many others did. I found myself eventually using it pretty much exclusively for the space ship builder rather than actually playing the game; there was very little left to discover in the game play. It is with a mix of hope and dread that I've been following the news of the first full-scale expansion pack for Spore, entitled Spore Galactic Adventures.

News of what it will contain is a bit thin at the moment, but it does sound like it contains at least some of what it's going to need to make the game really playable again. It will ship with some planet-based adventures in the box, and provide another editor that puts adventure creation in the hands of the players. Like other player-generated content, adventures will be shared online so there should be no shortage of missions your intrepid galactic explorers can take part in.

My main concern is with the potential depth of these adventures, and what news I've seen hasn't given me a lot of information to make guesses about. It is pretty cool that you'll be able to beam down on planets to explore as your creature & crew, and it sounds like outfits will have practical uses at last, but will the adventures themselves last 5 minutes? Half an hour? More? Or will it be up to the designer of the adventure?

If done well, this could be a pretty compelling reason to get back into the game. Spore itself was a pretty big letdown though, so I'm going to stay a bit cautious in my optimism, at least until a lot more is known.

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