Persona 5 Upcoming

Shin_Megami_Tensei_Persona_4Word on the ‘net keeps coming up that there will be a Persona 5 and it will probably be on the PS3. There’s nothing yet on the North American version of Atlus’ site, but high profile stories citing the Japanese Sony Playstation site claim it has been confirmed. This is huge news for me. Persona 3 FES was a breath of fresh air in my little world of RPGs, something different than anything I’d played in the past. Persona 4 took the calendar-based time management elements of Persona 3 and the amazing character development and ramped the whole experience up to a new level with an even more compelling story and characters that grew as a necessary part of the story’s progression. It was a revelation for me, something that broke well and truly free of the Final Fantasies and Star Oceans that I’d played in the JRPG scene before.

There’s no word or even speculation yet as to when Persona 5 will arrive and no confirmation of the platform it will arrive on. It IS confirmed as a must-have for me, regardless of when and where it lands.