I’m a GeekBeat.TV Blogger!

WebA few weeks ago, Cali Lewis from GeekBeat.TV posted a call for bloggers. I’ve known Cali for over a year thanks to Twitter, and I’ve been a big admirer of her work on GeekBrief.TV and now GeekBeat.TV as well.

When I saw the call, I thought to myself it’d be great to get involved in that world. Her shows are heavily tech oriented, which I have a keen interest in, and I’ve been feeling for a while that I needed to get myself into a different headspace with my writing. I do a lot of technical writing at work; I wanted something a bit more fun. (Games may be fun to play, but the process of making them can be demanding!)

It didn’t take me long to take a look at my collection of RSS feeds for the current top tech stories, and I put together a sample article. Long story short, I sent the article in; myself, and hundreds of other applicants. Within a few days I was contacted about joining the team. A couple of Skype conferences later, here I am.

I couldn’t be happier about that decision I made, or the results. The blogging team is full of fantastic, diverse people, and we’ve already got an impressive number of articles up on the site in the few short days we’ve been producing content.

Today the blogging section is officially opening for business. Cali herself announced the changes on today’s episode.

I will be continuing my work at Ganz as a game designer for the foreseeable future, and this new position will hopefully help me keep my head on straight for a while!

Coming soon, in addition to reviews and impressions of the games I play, I’ll be posting excerpts of my GeekBeat.TV blogs here.

I hope you’ll support me and all of the other GeekBeat.TV bloggers in this new and exciting venture!