Holy Haleakala! Phil Plait's Bad Universe!

If there's one thing we're known for here at GeekBeat.TV, it's our timely and insightful reviews of new TV shows. Wait, no, we're not... but we're making an exception for this one because this particular show is about as geeky as it gets.

Phil Plait's Bad Universe plays like a cross between Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" TV series and "Mythbusters", another TV series all geeks should be aware of. In the pilot episode, which aired Sunday night, host Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer) takes the viewer on an in-depth exploration of asteroids and comets and the certainty that Earth will be taking a big hit in the future.

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G-Mate Mag Gun Adds Another Piece to the Perfect Gaming Setup

About a month ago I wrote about the 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest, a really awesome tool in the gamer's toolbox. This month I have another for you out of Hong Kong; the G-Mate Mag Gun.

Designed to put you much more firmly into the action by feeling like you're part of it, the Mag Gun has built into it all of the controls you'd find on a standard console controller.

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Toshiba Quiet About Plans For First Glasses-Free 3DTV

It's looking like Toshiba is getting ready to market 3DTVs that do not require glasses sooner rather than later. Toshiba themselves are refusing to comment, though given the public's apparent lack of interest in 3DTV solutions that use glasses, it stands to reason that manufacturers will be rushing to push systems that don't require them.

To accomplish this, Toshiba is using a new system that emits light rays from the screen at a variety of angles, enabling the eyes to see the different images required for stereoscopic vision.

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SanDisk Makes Solid State Drives Even More Ridiculously Tiny

Responding to the mobile computing world's ever-increasing need for more storage in less space, SanDisk has come up with the iSSD, or Integrated Solid State Drive.

Designed to be soldered directly onto the motherboard of a smartphone or tablet computer, iSSDs will initially be available in sizes from 1GB to 64GB, all crammed into a space of 16mm x 20mm x 1.85mm and weighing less than one gram.

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Nexagon Makes Wounds History

It's not unusual for science fiction concepts to influence real world science and technology. It's well known and documented that the writers of Star Trek in particular have had an enormous impact on the world; the latest example of this is the Star Trek Padd, a conceptual forerunner of Apple's iPad. It's far less common for Star Wars to predict working technologies since so much of the technology in those worlds resembles magic more than science.

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